coachingNEIL BIERBAUM has been an executive, leadership and life coach since 2005. He offers coaching programs for corporate executives and teams, and for private individuals, all directed at moving to high performance and greater personal effectiveness.

neil-lr-9668Personal Effectiveness means having the personal power to consciously achieve optimal performance in service of your most meaningful goals while remaining present and peaceful in the midst of life’s turbulence.

Neil has thousands of hours of coaching and training experience at the highest level and has worked with corporates from a CEO level down, as well as celebrities and high performing entrepreneurs. He is credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Neil is an award-winning features writer and currently contributes to various magazines. He was the founding editor of two men’s magazines in South Africa (Directions and FHM), and has since operated as a media consultant and Internet entrepreneur, which included two years as managing director of an Internet services company. He holds a commerce degree, has auditing experience, and studied psychology.

His clients benefit from his all-round experience and high levels of clarity, creativity and commitment. By combining his broad range of people and process skills with management and coaching experience he supports executives, teams and individuals to create a platform for maximum creativity and productivity and, most importantly, to produce results.

In his own words

“My core approach is a practical one. I have spent 20+ years on a personal development journey, including the practice of various forms of meditation, while operating in a business context. I also spent five years (2,500+ hours) training coaches in the methodology of Consciousness Coaching. As a result I specialise in coaching clients towards the practical application of mindfulness for optimal performance, a result which I call Personal Effectiveness.

“People high in personal effectiveness experience being authentic, peaceful, powerful, confident, caring, conscious, and successful.

“Since all human endeavour is achieved through one’s efforts in relation to other people, my sessions are always targeted at improved performance through a greater awareness of self in relationship with others.

“Converting insights into actions, and measuring those actions, is key. Developing practices to support the process embeds the new insights and actions as productive behaviour patterns.

“I have worked in corporate and entrepreneurial environments, in the areas of sales and operations. I have managed teams in high stakes, high performance environments. I have tested everything I teach and I know what works to create real results!”

Academic Background

B.Com (Economics, Business Administration)

Coaching training and certification
  • neil bierbaum icf pccConsciousness Coaching Diploma
    (2005; ICF Accredited Coach Training Program)
  • Professional Trainer
    (2007; ICF Accredited Coach Training Program)
Summary of coaching experience
  • One-on-One Coaching 2,000 hours from middle management up to CEO/director/owner level
  • Coach Trainer 2,500+ hours for a global ICF Accredited Coach Training Program
  • Public Workshops 500+ hours, including The Authentic Success Program for Men and the Financial Diamond Wealth Education Program
Areas of preferred work / specialisation
  • Executive Coaching
    • Alignment of decision and purpose
    • Influencing stakeholders, peers and reports
  • Leadership Coaching
    • Developing an authentic leadership style
  • High Performance CoachingLeader and team effectiveness
    • Personal effectiveness and productivity
  • Life Coaching / Coaching for Men
    • Life phase transition and career transition
    • Relational issues (work and personal)Enneagram practitioner
Profiling tools & processes

Great coaching is invisible. It leaves you feeling that you created the solution for yourself, and this is necessary for adoption and integration. It should not feel like work, but liberation. It should create independence and self-sufficiency, and leave you feeling inspired and having the tools to continue to grow.


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